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STOMPGRIP Traction Kits are a direct aid to increased control, improved performance and an elevated level of confidence.  


Increased Traction provides overall control by connecting the rider to the vehicle in a manner that allows you to manipulate your machine while accelerating, braking and cornering.


Through increased Traction riders will also notice a decrease in energy spent just holding on to the machine.


Reducing fatigue improves control and will allow the rider to progress.


The combined benefits allow you to take advantage of what’s really important, enjoying your time on the track, trail or road.


STOMPGRIP Traction Kits also serve double duty as durable paint protectors against knee wear, jacket and zipper wear, and tank bag abrasion.



Stompgrip Traction pads put you in direct contact with your equipment for increased control, safety and improved performance.  


First time participants will benefit from Stompgrip by bonding to your equipment with proven Traction in icy winter environments.


Increased Traction also provides a stable platform to perform one footed maneuvers aligned with a new era of riding that requires more control.


Additional confidence is gained by helping to eliminate injury sustained on slick board surfaces while riding with one foot unstrapped.