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Our proprietary elastomer formulas have been developed, engineered, refined, and upgraded since 1992.
The powersports materials we mold are non-abrasive and formulated to wear down like a tire to prolong protective gear use. They have a tactile feel due to our engineered coefficient of friction, are durable, and easily cleaned.
Additional material properties are non-yellowing from UV stabilization, chemical resistance, and temperature stability, and a flexible durometer. Available in ultra-clear, black, and white.
For our kits we use only the strongest 3M peel-and-stick adhesives available that also are removed without damaging the vehicle surfaces they are adhered to.
Our kits are made up of pads that are injection molded with rounded edges to reduce peeling from snags, unlike die-cut sheet materials. The 3-D traction surfaces are engineered for the application and set back from the edge of the pad.  The result is the right amount of surface area of adhesive and deliberate design aesthetics.
Our pads conform to compound curve surfaces common on vehicles without buckling and lifting. The traction pad base is thin and the distance between 3-D surfaces is engineered for flexibility and minimum weight.
Some kits include additional design elements like a living hinge to maximize conformability over sharp surface bends in critical areas. Again, engineered for the application.
Our seat cover materials that are mated with our in-house produced traction panels, stripes, and logos are the highest performing and most durable available.



Our elastomer material development started with the snowboard application and quickly blew away the lack of performance riders were used to with foam pads.
It is non-hygroscopic meaning it doesn’t absorb water, and therefore does not increase in weight. It is nonporous so snow and ice do not stick and are easily shed.
For our pads we also use only the strongest 3M peel-and-stick adhesives available that are removed without damaging the board surface. The adhesive materials and properties used are specific to the application and different from our powersports products.
Our pads are Injection molded with rounded edges to reduce peeling from boots kicking on the edge, unlike die-cut sheet materials.
Every pad design has engineered 3-D surfaces to maximize grip with snowboard and ski boots. These surfaces function as scrapers also to clear snow and ice from boot soles. Whether it’s a Pro Series traction profile or a artistic design based pad, traction engineering is at the heart of the product. 
Most pads are available in ultra-clear and some have printed colorway options. Pro Series products are also available in black.
Our Pro Series elastomer has vibration dampening properties to help smooth out your ride as well.