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1)   What type of payment is accepted in our store?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


2)  How are the orders shipped?

Domestic orders are shipped with Federal Express.

International orders are shipped with either Federal Express or US Mail.


3)  How long does it take for an order to ship?

Orders are shipped within 3 to 5 business days after they have been received.


4)  Will the same kits work for both Boardsports and Powersports?

The answer is NO, our products are produced specifically per sport with correct durometer materials and adhesives per application.


5)  What if there is not a kit offered for my specific bike?

We offer Universal Streetbike Kits in both Volcano and Smoothridge profiles that will fit most any bike. 

In addtion we have All-Purpose Kits for most Powersport applications in multiple shapes and sizes along with Sheets, Strips and Frame Rails that can be used off the shelf or cut to fit.

Click here for more info.


6)  How do you install Stompgrip Tractions Kits, Traction Pads and Seat Covers?

I’m Not A Sticker, Don’t Treat Me Like One!

Click here for detailed instructions on Traction Kits.

Click here for detailed instructions on Traction Pads.

Click here for detailed instructions on Seat Covers.


7)  Can Stompgrip products be removed and reapplied?

Our kits are built with the strongest 3M adhesives, designed with a one-time use.

We don’t recommend reapplication with other adhesives once they’ve been removed. 


8)  Can the kits go bad?

All Stompgrip products are produced fresh and come with a born on date stamped on the back of the original packaging.

Our packaged products are produced with adhesives having a shelf life which guarantees them up to 1 year from the born on date stamp.

Stompgrip Traction is also designed to wear similar to the tires on your vehicle, we recommend reapplication of Stompgrip as needed to maintain Traction.  


9)  What is the warranty policy?

Click here for our warranty policies.


10)  How can I find a Stompgrip Dealer?

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11)  How do I become a Stompgrip Dealer or Distributor?

Click here to register as a USA Dealer.

Click here to inquire about becoming an International Distributor.