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STOMPGRIP is the premium name for Tank Grips, and Gripper Seat Covers made to order for motorcycles and snowmobiles with a long history of making the best Stomp Pads for snowboards Since its beginning in 1994, Stompgrip has blended its creative vision with innovative product development to build traction products designed to enhance active lifestyles. 


Stompgrip products are recognized as the premium traction solutions for the action sports industry and active lifestyles in general. The company offers specific products for Streetbikes, Dirtbikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Snowboards, and Skis as well as the All-Purpose product lines for general Powersports applications, fleet vehicles, and heavy equipment for construction, agriculture, and mining. 


Stompgrip's in-house production team manufactures all of the company's products in our Huntington Beach facility. We operate under a Just-In-Time philosophy to ensure that Stompgrip delivers the freshest and highest quality products upon each customer's request. 


Whether you are active in the sports you enjoy or in your workplace, Stompgrip has traction solutions for your active lifestyle.