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Snowboard Stomp Pads


Stompgrip’s Stomp Pads were created to act as a griptape substitute for snowboards. Stompgrip designs and manufactures 3D stomp pads and was the first to innovate the first clear stomp pads so riders’ graphics can show through.


There are many general benefits to riding with stomp pads:


  • Give riders control when skating through the flats and lift lines. 
  • Provide traction for snowboarders’ free foot when exiting or getting on the lift. 
  • Stomping one-footed landings and tricks. 
  • Clearing snow and ice from your boot before strapping in. 


There are specific stomp pad product features that only Stompgrip offers:


  • 3-D plastic injection molded stomp pads with or without graphics. 
  • Ultra-clear, proprietary plastic blend so you can show off your graphics. 
  • Molded rounded edges to prevent peeling off of boards. 
  • Strongest adhesives with easy to peel and stick backer. 
  • All products are made to order. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Stompgrip groups its stomp pads into five “Series”:


Pro Series

The Pro Series stomp pads were created with a large, square surface area and are available in multiple traction profiles; quad plate, super volcano and volcano. 3D griptape in action.


Old School Series

The Old School Series is the original line of stomp pads that Stompgrip created.


Artist Series

The Artist Series was created by working with a few artists who shared their artwork and self-portraits with Stompgrip where they were transformed into 3D traction.


3D Series

The 3D Series includes everything imaginable in 3D traction for a snowboard: a six pack, skull and bones, a snowflake and an iron cross.


Critters Series

The Critters Series is made up of different animals or critters. There is even a robot monkey!


Custom stomp pads are also available. They can be designed to promote a snowboard shop or to outfit a resort’s rental fleet. Please contact Stompgrip’s customer service department at for all custom stomp pad inquiries.