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When you find yourself sliding around the tank and lack the ability to maneuverer your machine as desired, it’s time to increase your Traction with Stompgrip.


Stompgrip products are specially produced for powersport machines to be applied on tanks, airboxes, tunnels and frames or anywhere you need increased Traction.


When you discover that your stock seat is slippery and ends up leaving you falling off the back supplement your Dirtbike or Snowmobile with Stompgrip seat covers engineered with Traction profiles to increase your grip.


Unless you ride naked, you’ll find that a lot of what you wear comes in contact with your tank. Use Stompgrip products to protect your ride from abrasion caused by belts, keys and riding apparel.


Stompgrip Traction Kit’s, Seats and Universal products are there to help you stay in control while protecting your ride.



Since 1994’ Stompgrip has been providing instant Traction for your favorite Boardsports.


Just getting off the lift at some resorts can be a challenge, don’t take the gamble of falling on your butt, apply our Traction pads anywhere you need better under foot contact with your Snowboard.


Stop kicking those expensive ski bindings, clearing snow from your boots is not their job. Instead, install Stompgrip Ski Ovals or Ski Maxis to get the cleanest boots and the best interface with your skis.


It’s slick icy world on the mountain, it’s time to get a grip. Add our Grab Rails for instant added hand Traction.


In addition you can add our Grab Rails along your edges for a dampening effect that’ll smooth out your ride.


Stompgrip has all your Traction needs covered on the mountain.