Universal Street Bike: Small Sport Bike Tank Grips (0002)

Traction Profile: Volcano
Color: Clear

Stompgrip's Universal Street Bike: Small Tank Grip Kit (0002) contains two tank grip pads that have been custom designed and manufactured to fit a range of motorcycles.

Stompgrip's original Universal Street Bike product line was released with eight universal tank grip kits that were designed from basic tank shapes and were intended to function for all street bikes whether installed as is or trimmed to fit.

These tank grips were injection molded in the Volcano, Icon & Super Volcano Traction Profiles and are available in clear or black.

Click on the images to verify the kit contents and to see a rendering of the tank grips installed on a motorcycle.

If you need any help with installation, be sure to view our Installation Video or call us at1-888-612-5240 to speak with a customer service representative.

Universal Fitment:

Prior to making custom, bike-specific tank grips, Stompgrip assigned a universal tank grip to each motorcycle as the best option that we offered at that time. Times change, riding styles evolve, and opinions vary; so, if this universal tank grip is not what you believe is the best option for your motorcycle and how you ride, please check out the other Universal Street Bike Tank Grip options, consider an All-Purpose 3D Griptape Sheet that you can cut to fit as you please, or contact us to discuss alternatives.