When someone asks, “What is Stompgrip?” or “What does Stompgrip do?” the answer is simple; Stompgrip is a brand and a manufacturing company that focuses on Enhancing Active Lifestyles. From its beginning in 1994, Stompgrip has innovated traction products for people in the action sports industries; from stomp pads to tank grips to gripper seat covers.

Stompgrip’s company mantra is to Enhance Active Lifestyles which it follows by creating the highest quality traction products for powersports and boardsports.

Stompgrip chooses to use the best and most advanced materials available for its products to ensure that its customers are given the maximum benefits available from Stompgrip accessories. Stompgrip uses proprietary plastic blends that it develops together with local producers to best fit the needs of each genre of its customers. Stompgrip also uses the highest quality adhesives available on the market from respected suppliers like 3M and Avery.

By following its mantra Stompgrip focuses on developing high quality products at a premium price. However, the majority of Stompgrip’s products retail for less than $100; so premium doesn’t always equal expensive. Stompgrip offers a high return on investment when compared with most accessories sold in the power sports industry; for a small price, riders of all levels can revolutionize how they ride.



Stompgrip, Inc. was founded in 1994 under the company name Stomp Design Unlimited by a couple of action sports enthusiasts. The company designed and manufactured the first injection-molded snowboard stomp pads and innovated the first clear stomp pads in the snowboard industry. Stompgrip evolved the product line from basic shapes with volcano-like bumps in solid colors to 3D traction designs available in either multiple printed colorways or in crystal clear that allowed riders’ snowboard graphics to show through.

Stompgrip then ventured into the powersports arena by introducing its tank grips in 2004. The original idea was to make products that would be a replacement to using skateboard griptape for extra traction on dirt bikes. Stompgrip combined its experience engineering original traction products in the snowboard industry and a love of riding to invent its first volcano tank grips. The dirt bike tank grips proved to be challenging from the start; high temperatures on plastics, poor adhesion with graphics and differing riding styles made them a tough sell to hard core riders and enthusiasts. The initial product reviews were mixed. Then, after receiving a positive product review in Transworld Magazine, interest in the products grew.

Interest also came in from an unexpected source; a riding coach at California Superbike School who had read the Transworld review wanted to know if the products would work on street bikes. After working with him to develop and test a prototype, the results came back extremely positive; he took a full second off his previous record setting lap time at Willow Springs race track riding with Stompgrip. From there, word of mouth began to spread, the company signed on with distributors worldwide and Stompgrip began developing a full line of tank grips for street bikes, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

Stompgrip’s gripper seat cover product line was a further evolution of the tank grips that were made for dirt bikes. The products began as a special item for friends and family that integrated Stompgrip’s volcano traction profile into side panels sewn together with gripper fabric. They were originally outsourced for production which limited efficiencies and product availability. Once production was brought in-house Stompgrip developed a full line of griper seat covers with varying features and price points. The company also produces snowmobile gripper seat covers for a variety of sleds.

The company continues to innovate and expand its product lines; in 2018 Stompgrip released a new traction profile called Icon. This profile was created in response to customers asking for tank grips that were less aggressive in function and appearance. The Icon tank grips are available in Universal shapes and sheets. Bike specific products will be released throughout 2019 to mirror the volcano tank grip product line.



Stompgrip’s ultimate goal is to provide “grip” for every one of its customers by continuously innovating new traction products. Currently, Stompgrip’s products are used in the power sports and board sports industries; however, opportunities exist for further expansion into other industries.

Stompgrip has achieved its goal with its tank grip product line; the company offers tank grips for all motorcycles and snowmobiles. It continues to develop new bike specific models, and this, combined with the universal product line provides traction solutions for all riders whether on the street, in the dirt or in the snow.

Older model motorcycles that Stompgrip may not have bike specific tank grips available for or that may not be a good pairing with pre-molded universal tank grips can always use the universal sheet to customize grip for their vehicle. These “cut-to-fit” sheets are available in all traction profiles and provide a universal solution that ensures Stompgrip has grip for every vehicle.

Stompgrip’s Universal Snowmobile grips work on every sled. The Universal tank grip product lines also gives snowmobile riders a variety of traction profiles to choose from; the Universal Strips and Sheets in either the super volcano or quad plate profiles are recommended for extreme outdoor usage.

The gripper seat cover line is expanding each year and is regularly updated to include all new dirt bike model and race sleds. This product line continues to have opportunities for expansion to new customers.

For snowboarders, Stompgrip continues to offer a wide variety of Stomp Pads. In recent years the Pro Series Stomp Pads have become the preferred choice of Stompgrip’s customers, but there are many designs to choose from for every level of rider.

Stompgrip continues to take on the challenge to meet its goal of providing grip for every one of its current customers while innovating new products and investigating opportunities in new segments and industries.