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Our STOMPGRIP Icon design features a surface texture composed of an aesthetically-pleasing pattern using our trademarked logo. The lower profile is still beneficial for the traction that we are known for.


The result is functional traction with a very comfortable feel on the legs and knees in jeans, regular street clothing, and leathers.


This profile provides 70%-75% of traction properties as compared to the Volcano Profile.



The Volcano profile development started with motorcycle desert racing as a test bed and evolved through addressing the needs of Streetbike, Motocross, ATV, and Snowmobile riders. It is our backbone profile used for vehicle specific Custom Molded Kits, Universal Kits, All-Purpose Kits, as well as underfoot applications.


The Volcano is a medium height traction device that provides a flat working surface for limbs to slide across easily without snags yet gives incredible grip when pressure is applied by the rider. 


The flat top gives more surface area than a point or dome and the negative indent doubles the edges for locking into when needed. The rounded edges are easy on pants and leathers yet sharp enough to provide the optimum grip.


Spacing between the flexible volcano’s is deliberate in that they are close enough together to make that comfortable flat surface yet far enough apart to allow gear and shoe soles to penetrate between and grip them when needed. The spacing also keeps the base area between Volcano’s thin, light, and conformable. 


The side angle of the Volcano shape promotes shedding of debris without clogging and is easily cleaned because there are no perpendicular angles at the bottom to trap dirt and dust.



This profile was specifically developed for the needs of snow enthusiasts. It is our tallest and most aggressive traction profile and based on the 20 years of knowledge we have built up. 


The design has evolved from our Snowboard Stock Series Pads and then expanded to our Snowmobile Universal Tunnel Kit. It is used as the ultimate track profile by streetbike riders for maximum performance with minimum amounts of leg pressure.


Originally designed for deep snow conditions, it works equally as well in loose soil like sand or anywhere you want the ultimate in traction.


Like the Volcano Profile, it provides a flat working surface for gear to slide across easily without snags yet gives incredible grip when pressure is applied by the rider. It shares all the design features of indents, rounded edges, spacing, and angles with the Volcano Profile but in a larger way.


This profile gives 35%-40% more traction properties than the Volcano Profile.



This profile was developed as the ultimate under-foot  traction and landing surface as a snowboard griptape alternative.


Super aggressive and spaced apart traction surfaces allow snowboard boot soles to get a grip from many different angles.


It is taller in height than the Volcano Profile for snowy conditions and provides instant lock-up with boot soles. 


The traction surface design from the top view is based on the stripes in our company logo. From the side view, the 3-D multi-level design resembles skateable half pipes with top decks. 


This profile gives 25%-35% more under-foot traction properties than the Volcano Profile.