Stompgrip follows a Just-In-Time manufacturing process. Raw materials are stored on site and products are produced when ordered by either distributors, dealers or retail customers from Stompgrip’s website.

Typical delivery times for Stompgrip products are as follows:


Retail Customers: 1-3 days

Dealers: 1-7 days

Distributors: 7-14 days


Upon receipt of orders, Stompgrip’s manufacturing and production process begins.



Orders are grouped together, and each tank grip is broken out into the individual pieces that make up the tank grip assembly. A list of all the pieces ordered that need to be manufactured is created and divided between black and clear; this way production time can be estimated and scheduled for multiple orders simultaneously. A similar process occurs for gripper seat covers and stomp pads.



Stompgrip products are not die cut. This is a significantly important differentiation point from the competition. Stompgrip has engineered and developed its products specifically for power sports and action sports usage. There are no die-cut floor mats, bath mats, door stops, or cheap foam alternatives being repurposed and called high performance products at Stompgrip.



Stompgrip tank grips, gripper seat cover side panels and ribs, and stomp pads are made using plastic injection molding machines with CAD designed molds created for each individual piece manufactured. A primary feature of Stompgrip designed products is the rounded edges that die cut products cannot replicate; the rounded edges were engineered to reduce the chance of snags and peeling, and they also improve the overall aesthetics of the products.



The proprietary plastic blends used in Stompgrip products have been developed with local producers to best fit the needs of each genre of Stompgrip’s customers. The plastic blend for Stompgrip’s power sports products was developed to function in all weather conditions while slowly wearing down from usage like a tire whereas the plastic blend for the snowboard products was developed for cold weather and durability.



After the pieces have been molded, they are sorted out by order and placed in line based on delivery windows for each customer.

The products then go through a stage where they are prepped with primer, along with a few Stompgrip proprietary steps, and then the adhesive is applied. Stompgrip uses the highest quality adhesives available on the market from respected suppliers like 3M and Avery. Years of research and cooperation with its suppliers has resulted in Stompgrip continuously improving on its products and maintaining its positive reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable products.

One of the most important phases of Stompgrip’s manufacturing process is trimming the adhesive from the parts. Every one of Stompgrip’s tank grips is cut by hand. There are no dies used in this process. To ensure that the rounded edges are preserved and that there is a seamless bond with the adhesive and the plastic edge, all tank grip products are hand cut. Stompgrip’s production team is extensively trained to take great care when performing this task and to act as a final QC station before the products go to packaging.



The majority of Stompgrip’s products use an adhesive and as such they have a shelf life. Due to this, Stompgrip has worked very closely with its adhesive converters to ensure that the adhesives used in its products are received within three months of the date of manufacture from the suppliers. Working in this manner, along with being a just-in-time manufacturing facility, allows Stompgrip to offer the longest warranty period possible on its products. Adhesives tend to be used in the production process within three months of receipt from Stompgrip’s converters; therefore, the adhesives are received and processed with a short production turn-around increasing the shelf life for distributors and dealers worldwide.

All of Stompgrip’s products that use adhesives have a born-on date on the back of the packaging that shows the month and year the products were manufactured. Stompgrip’s warranty begins with the month listed and continues for 18 months afterwards.



Once in the packaging phase of production the individual pieces are matched up to create tank grip assemblies and they are laid out on packaging boards. After the products are heat sealed the packaging boards are die cut and individually packaged products are ready for sorting and delivery. The final packaged products are QCed, sorted out by item number and quantity for each customer, and then double counted as they are boxed. From there they are invoiced and shipped out worldwide.