Stompgrip’s tank grip and traction product line is made up of three product groups: Bike Specific (customized), Universal and Tank Protectors. Between these three product groups Stompgrip offers grip for every street bike, off-road vehicle and snowmobile on the market today.


• Available in clear or black.

• Offered in multiple traction profiles; Volcano, Icon, Super Volcano and Quad Plate.

• Universal products can easily be “cut-to-fit” if no bike-specific grip is offered.

• Custom designed and injection-molded specifically for power sports vehicles.

• Stompgrip’s products are not stickers, die-cut bath mats, or repurposed bumper feet and door stops!

• Manufactured with a proprietary plastic blend formulated to wear down like a tire.

• Engineered with rounded edges to avoid snags and peeling.

• Each piece is hand-cut to preserve the rounded edges

• Manufactured with highest quality 3M and Avery adhesives.

• Made in the U.S.A.


• Increase overall control of the vehicle by locking knees into tanks.

• Improve confidence in corners by eliminating the risk of slippage.

• Reduce arm pump by relieving pressure on wrists.

• Prevent sliding on the seat under acceleration.

• Assist in maintaining a stable body position.

• Stop riders and passengers from sliding forward when braking (i.e. no nutcracker experience).


Stompgrip’s Bike Specific tank grip product line is made up of customized tank grips that were designed for a specific motorcycle. By designing customized tank grips for specific tanks, Stompgrip has created a broad library of shapes that is the foundation for providing customers with a grip solution for every motorcycle.


Stompgrip's least aggressive grip with a sleek profile designed from Stompgrip’s logo. A less intimidating grip for the everyday rider who wants to increase control over their vehicle. Great for adventure bikes and café racers.


Aggressive grip with a short peak and caldera profile. The true original. Beneficial for all riders in all conditions whether on the street, in the dirt or in the snow.


Very aggressive grip with a tall, pointed peak profile. Originally developed for snowboard usage and then evolved into power sports with snowmobile tank grips. Eventually, bike specific tank grips were developed for sport bike racers and track day riders in conjunction with California Superbike School.